The Path of a Good Man…

My blog has never been political correct and will never be. Writing has always been my saving grace in the mist of my pain, and continues to be to this very day. The title really tells it all. The path of a good man. I have never been a person that just thought about himself, but I just loved to see others shine and rise.  I mean I have always been that way, even to the point I thought it was my curse that I cared for others the way I do…really. But recently I had a talk with someone very close to me, and some parts they were right and some parts they will never understand. But then I start to think to myself what the bible said about kings, men, and those that were lead. Some times the path of a good man is a hard one. Do we really move on our own accord, or are we just playing our part in the game of life?

We always say its me, myself and I that achieved this accomplishment and so on. That is just the way of the world now. But most of us fail to understand that we needed help somewhere down the road. I’m not among the foolish, because I know I need help in my accomplishments. Which brings me to another point, it doesn’t matter how big the achievement in your life, or how others perceive your achievements. As long as you are happy with yourself…DON’T ever let someone determine your happiness in your achievements. Always be you regardless of the others in your life. I too, had to learn this same principal in my life.

Now why is the path of a good man so hard? Because we as human want to do our own thing and some time dislike direction. Even though we say often, “We need direction.” That’s a lie for some people, but we are program to ask for something that we really don’t want. Another reason why it is hard for a good man is very simple, because there are many followers but only a few leaders. Some times the word “wait” is not an answer we want to hear.

Do I question some of the decisions that I made? Heck yeah I do all the time, but with all my decision that I made there has always been a lesson learn and some good came out of those experiences whether academic, relationship, family, job, or family. For me personally, I have to contribute that to God. Because there are many things that I do not know the answer to, and I not going to play that I’m Mr. Know-it-all. But there have been some things that have happen in my life that I cannot explain…it just so happen to be in  my favor. So for me, when I let go and let God handle my situations. My situation always turned around in my favor.  and another thing to remember…trust is key to a good man.


As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.

Henry David Thoreau


Overcoming Mountains

I notice that in life, when overcoming a mountain or obstacle in life, that you may run into some trials and tribulations that will try to break you down and deter you from the path that you must pursue. But recently, I have went through a week that  some people would say or call a week of hell or mayhem. I lost my job that would allow me to purchase an engagement ring for my girlfriend, I damaged my car just parking it in my driveway, and I almost was in an accident more than three times in three days. And to say that these misfortunes didn’t take there toll would be a lie.

But, after I had time to reflected on everything that happen to me, I realize that I’m still standing and my work is far from being done. I always wanted to be an author and poet, and I was working on some projects for some years and was close to being done. Instead of looking at my misfortunes as a bad thing, I took the time to look at it another way. I started to look at my situation as a chance to go for my dreams and do what the good Lord put me on the Earth to do. Not to settle for what the world was giving me, but settle for what God had in store for me. A scripture in the bible says “If God is for you, who can be against you.” Which means if God is directing your path, not even Satan himself can stop you. The best part for me, is when I told my girlfriend what I wanted to do, and she said “Baby, go and do it.” Then she ensured me that she will be by my side. Behind every strong man there is an equally and strong woman. So through my hell week, I found my strength, purpose, drive, dedication, understanding, and me.

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

Helen Keller

What’s “New” Without a Dream

With 2016 on us now, I have notice that a lot of people have made a vow that this year they will not stress at all. I too, have made this comment this year. We all have been stress out at one point of our lives somewhere and somehow. But I have seen the effects that stress can put on a person’s life on a first hand basis, and I do not want that for my life. So, my girlfriend and I have came up with ways to live a stress free year, and so far it has been working out. Now, I am not going to say that we will have a totally stress free year, because by no means is that actual realistic thinking for anybody, but we can reduce the ways how stress effects us. For example, I  sometimes praying and reading my bible helps me to make it through another day. In my church, they use to sing this one popular song that use to say that, “Trouble don’t last always”. That is pretty much my mindset when I go through stressful times now. But when I was younger in my teens, I use to listen to this one gospel song that kept giving me the will to keep pushing forward through my depression and broken self esteem. The name of the song is I Feel No Ways Tired by Rev. James Cleveland. Till this day, I still listen to this song, and it reminds me of how far I have come through life and through the achievements that I have been bless to do. I do not take nothing for granted, and I am very thankful for everything that has happen in my life whether it was good or bad. So this is why in 2016, I love seeing people taking the stand of saying that this year they are not going to stress for nothing. Life is a blessing to all of us, and each day that we wake up to see another day…that’s a blessing that no amount of stress should not and can not take away from us. So, instead of stressing today, I hope and pray that you have a bless day.

“Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going.”

Chantal Sutherland

The Man in the River of Words

I am what would call a full blooded writer. I love to write about many things from love, sex, Christianity, life, poetry, novels, and many more things that I have seen in my life. To me life is like a movie that sometime I love to portray in my poetry or novels that I am currently doing right now. I still keep a journal, so at times I can just write what I feel in my heart. But the reason why I choose to broaden my horizon in writing by writing blogs is actually very simple. I have seen so much in my time that I may be able to help those that need an encouragement from someone or from somewhere. I have been writing for about 14 to 15 years now. And when I first start it was a way for me to express myself safely through writing, because when I was 15 and 16 years old, I wasn’t a trouble teen but I was suicidal at a young age. I was always being made fun of and teased and even bullied at one point in my life. I thought that no girl would ever like me, but on Friday, October 19, 2001 my life changed around for the better. That was the day I wanted to kill myself for good, but something happen on the inside of me and I realize that I couldn’t do this to myself and I have a greater purpose in life. So, a thought came to my head to start writing out my frustrations in life. Now, grant it my first journal entries would make a sailor plush or let alone these so call hip hop artists plush. My first journal entries were feel with so much pain and hate, but as time went on my journal entries turned into poetry and joy. So the reasons why I write now? I love to help those that are in the shoes that I once was in a long time ago. In essence, writing helped me to be the man that I am now, with the peace I have now. I love to write and I hope one day I can take the joy that I love and turn into a career. Writing is my passion, my point of refuge, and one of my joys that I thank the good Lord for blessing me with.

Knowing Your True Home

Many people often go through life not knowing what they want in life. Some people take a lifetime trying to find what they want in life. But most people by the time they are in their 30’s they know what they want in life. Maybe this post might turn into a confession in some ways. But I think I might be a little different. I have always known what I wanted in life, but either finance, school, or family has always been my stumbling block. But this year, I made a vow to myself that I would not let nothing stop me from my dreams and goals. So, starting on September of 2015, I started to write my first novel book with a lot of support from my girlfriend and my family. In some ways you can say that my girlfriend was my inspiration for writing the book. This is just the beginning of me finding my true home. What I mean about finding you true home is pretty much finding what you love in life. My home is with my girlfriend that will soon be my wife,  being an awesome novel writer, and incorporating my poetry into my work in a way that I think poetry should be read or seen. Aka meaning I just want to write and release these visions and worlds that I have in my head.  As the new year slowly comes our way. I would urge any one that is searching for their propose in this world, to find what makes them hold and make this your goal. Life is way too short to waste our hold life just searching and waiting for something to come your way. Go and do something that you always wanted to do, and make that your goal and dream to conquer in the next coming year. Do not let life pass you by and when you are older you live in a life of regret. I kind of have an “I’ll been damn if I let that happen” attitude towards me living in a life of regret. I have always been a fighter and fought for the things that I have wanted in my life. So, if I have to fight to be a writer or an excellent blog writer as well, then I will fight for what I think is right for me and family. The best suggestion that I could give anyone is this. Do what you love and love what you do. Everyone has a role in life that we must do, and you too are just as important as anyone that  you see in a movie, TV series, or in politics. You just have to believe that you are special and do what you need to do to achieve your goals in life.

Things That Make Me Thankful

Through life we search for the things that makes us whole. Relationship, jobs, spirituality, and for some material things such as houses, clothes, and cars. I’m not much of a material man, but I’m thanking for the clothes on my back. I’m more of a man that enjoys what life has to offer. I’m more thankful for my family. From my girlfriend, my mom and dad, my close friends that I consider as family, all the way down to my little cousins that just came into the world. These are the things that I am most thankful for and bless to have in my life. Too many times from my observation, I have notice that many people are too focus on material and fake things, instead of being focus on life and the precious things. This is time of the year where we take time to focus on the value of giving and family values. Even though I think that it is good that we take time to focus on things like this, but I urge you to look at the situation from another viewpoint. Giving and family values should be a constant aspect that we should be doing each and every day, and not just on the holidays or when it feels convenient to us. The holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been the cornerstone of this act. Even nickname for this time shows evidence of this also with The Season of Giving. This season also is sad season for some. A love one may have passed, someone may have lost a job, or someone may not want to live anymore. This is season is more than just giving, but this time of the season should be a time where we should help someone that is going through the toughest times of their lives instead of just giving them something material. Spiritual, mentally and physically we should provide help to those that need it. Sometime just sitting down and talking to someone can be the best help for some people. We all in some fashion, form, or way can provide help to those in need. God has bless us all with a gift to help, but some people just need to find out where their gift might be, and utilize it to help other. God bless and remember that there is more to this season than just a few months of giving. These principals should be applied to our everyday living.


Knowing When the Lord says Go

There have been a lot of stuff that has changed my life. Some choice were good and other choice were a learning lesson. For example, choosing to go to college. In a time, when I had doubts that I could finish. I wanted to just be a smooth jazz DJ in the D/FW Area(Dallas and Fort Worth). But the Lord had a different destiny for me. For I have the gift of poetry, and in my time of going to college I took a  class called Scriptwriting; thinking that would be my ticket or calling in my life. For scriptwriting, consist of the same principals that I use on a daily basis in my poetry. I thought for a minute that scriptwriting was my calling. But no, something in my soul just didn’t seem right. Some people may say that I may be a fool for going with a feeling instead of proof. But if a person should search through the panels of time, they would see that a lot of artwork, buildings, technology, and businesses were all created by a feeling. That is how my poetry is made…by a feeling. That is how I met my girlfriend…by a feeling. That is pretty much how dreams become reality, by a feeling that is produce in ones body. That is how Dr. Martin Luther King wrote the “I have a dream” speech. This is also how Dr. Maya Angelou wrote her countless poems of freedom. That is  just to name a few for you. The secret that compels us all to achieve great things in life, is knowing when the Lord says Go. Too many times we wonder if we are doing the right thing or the wrong thing. Sometimes we have to live to understand where the edges are. Even a boundless soul knows when to stop or when to go. Boundaries are not created to keep you closed in, but to be more like a foundation. Take for example, a house, it can be built on the ground, but time has taught us that one good rain storm can sink a house. Now, if that house is built on a foundation, even though a foundation my have boundaries. By no means, does it take away the essence, prestige,  and beauty of that house. The foundation is just a way to make sure the house stands the test of time. What I am getting to is this…you can be the greatest, but even the greatest have boundaries. That is how they know how far to go, and how far they can push themselves. When I met my better half Channel(Cha-nel). We actually met online (Yes, we are living proof that online dating works. But always be careful and know the person you are with. And the site was not E-Harmony if you trying to figure it out.) some of my own family member were wondering and asking me ten thousand question it seem. “How you know she isn’t using you.” “Be careful because I read and saw on TV what some people do.” Blah, Blah, Blah that was all I heard it seem at one time or another. But, the facts are this…You can encounter the same problem with the person in front of you. So I have to admit I am glad I choose to trust the Lord when he said “Go” instead of trusting those that were close to me. Because a “Hello” back then has now turned into a 3 year relationship coming this December. Again, my points are clear, and you have to understand that life is not a race to see who gets there fastest, but who can survive the longest. The way I’m doing it is simple; I’m waiting on the Lord to stay it’s time to go. Now, let me define waiting. Waiting does not mean you do nothing. Always be prepare by doing something, so when it is your time to climb for your goals and dreams. A Mount Everest will only look like a hill in your eyes. Well, that is how I achieve in everything that I set my sights to. Never give up and don’t you ever give in.


If a task has once begun, Do not leave until it is done. Be thy neighbor great or small. Do it well or not at all.